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The shoes are decorated with Berlin’s well-known U-Bahn pattern and they will give wearers free travel on the city’s U-Bahn, buses, trams and ferries until 31 December 2018. While an annual BVG ticket for zones A and B normally costs €761, with the cheapest annual ticket available at €728, the trainers only cost €180. This has attracted an unusual crowd; a mix of trainer collectors and commuters hoping to save some money.

Design To Production

In a situation where some would go into blind panic, Lukas’ job let him see the situation as advantageous. “At first I was a bit in shock because I am not a big fan of boats in general and day cruises in particular, but then I was pretty entertained by the whole situation and the setting was fun too.”

As a result, the best part of Lukas’ series is how unstaged the photographs are, candidly showing the realities of a day trip. Mostly shot in portrait, the photographer zooms in and exemplifies familiar sights of bored kids, towels territorially marking a sun lounger, sweaty backs and arms, pot bellies and cheeks growing pinker and pinker. “The boat was comparably small and there were maybe 50 people on it — the majority from Germany, the UK and Russia,” Lukas describes. “There was loud music, loads of drinks and sunburn.”

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